Access control cards & key fobs - Wiegand format

Access control cards (Printable or standard) & key fobs
Wiegand format - Pack of 10

From £9.95 ex VAT

Access control, PC access control, Video door entry systems, Magnetic locks - All your access controlled solutions - under one roof

Access control kit, video door entry, keypad access, key fob acess, pc access control, magnetic locks, exit buttons and a whole lot more...
Access control kit - PIN and/or Proximity access

We have over 20 different access control kits - keypad or proximity access

From £87.32 ex VAT
Computer based access control system

Computer based access control system from 1 to multi door operation - IP/LAN based

From £180.76 ex VAT
Digital keypads

Digital keypads for both internal or external use
Proximity card/key fob reader option

12v - 28v AC/DC

From £43.60 ex VAT
Door entry system

Audio door entry system - 2 wire
Slim line door panel with rain hood

Expandable to 4 door operation

£81.42 ex VAT
Drop bolts

Electronic drop bolts

Horizontal or vertical mount

12v - 24v DC

From £79.68 ex VAT
Drawer magnet

Magnetic drawer magnet

Surface mount

12v or 24v DC

£37.96 ex VAT
Exit buttons

Choose from over 15 different exit buttons

Plastic, architrave, stainless steel & dome style

From £8.95 ex VAT
Key fob readers

Key fob readers

Proximity key fob & PIN access

12v - 24v DC

From £43.32 ex VAT
Lock releases

Lock releases

Fail locked or fail open suitable for timber, aluminium or uPVC doors
12v DC

From £14.95 ex VAT
Ansi lock releases

Ansi lock releases

Fail locked or fail open suitable for timber, aluminium or steel doors
12v - 24v DC

From £42.45 ex VAT
Lock release door loops

Door loops

Surface mount or concealed

450mm - 600mm

From £8.28 ex VAT
Magnetic door holder
Magnetic door holders

Surface mount

12v or 24v DC

£33.70 ex VAT
Magnetic locks & brackets
Magnetic locks for internal or external use

Mini, Standard, Double or External
12v - 24v DC

From £24.96 ex VAT
Architectural brackets
Aesthetically pleasing architectural brackets and cover for mini, double mini & large magnetic locks

From £15.12 ex VAT
Glass door brackets
Glass doors, frameless glass doors and frameless glass door header brackets for mini & double mini magnetic locks

From £15.41 ex VAT
Shear locks & brackets
Shear locks with or without brackets
Surface or glass mount available

12v or 24v DC

From £142.94 ex VAT
Power supplies - 12v dc
Power supplies

1amp to 5amp available

12v DC

From £24.42 ex VAT
Power supplies - 24v dc
Power supplies

1amp to 5amp available

24v DC

From £42.99 ex VAT
Relays, timer, delay or latching
Single or double pole relays

Timer/delay/latching & 24 - 12 voltage reducer

6v DC - 24v AC

From £5.34 ex VAT
Two door interlocking relay
Two door interlock relay will allow for one door to remain locked whilst the second door can be un-locked and vice versa

12v DC

19.52 ex VAT
TC365 Time clock for access control
TC365 Time clock is a simple to program time clock with automatic daylight saving time correction

9 - 28V DC, 7 - 20V AC

£45.95 ex VAT
Remote control unit
Remote control unit with 2 x key fobs which can be integrated with any access control application

12v DC

£34.61 ex VAT
Video entry system
Colour video entry system with touch screen video monitor
Single button with and/or integral keypad
Ideal for single users, home or office

Monitors available in black or white finish

From £222.42 ex VAT
Video door entry system accessories
Video door entry accessories/spares and replacements for our audio & video entry systems

Video monitors, video entry door panels, desk top mounts,
power supplies and much more

From £13.95 ex VAT

DoorEntryOnline Ltd

DoorEntryOnline Ltd specialise in the supply of Access Control solutions including bespoke Access Control Kits with a choice of internal keypad or external keypad, plastic exit button or stainless steel exit button, lock release or magnetic lock and a 1amp 12v dc power supply

Time & Attendance solutions with PC access control systems offering LAN/WAN based connection

Choose from a range of standalone digital keypads or key fob readers, internal or external magnetic lock, electric drop bolt or Shear lock

Video door entry offering a choice of video entry systems all with hands free 7" colour TFT video monitors

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