Electric lock release LK134L

Total Price:19.31 (23.17 inc VAT)

uPVC lock release

Standard 12v dc European Narrow style mortice lock release with an adjustable jaw catch and sash face plate which is ideal for ensuring precise alignment between the release jaw and the door locking snib - especially PVCu doors or timber doors with dead locks fitted

Lock style: Fail locked (Power required to un-lock)
Ultra slim body manufactured from Zinc Alloy
12v ac/dc Coil impedance: 30 ohms
Current consumption: 700ma
Holding force: 600kg
Supplied with: Mortice mounted face plate only
Security open catch: This is for allowing the jaw to be kept open in the case of deliveries etc
Tested to 1,000,000 cycles

Size: 250h x 25w x 31d mm
Flush mount (Mortice face plate supplied as standard) fitting on uPVC or timber doors with Euro style dead lock
Can the lock release fit to left hand or right hand doors?
Yes, it can fit either and also inward and outward opening because the face plate is reversible

Why is it ideal for uPVC doors?
It has a very slimline and small body unlike conventional lock releases. It has an elongated sash face plate that will retro fit the original uPVC lock catch location on the door frame. This will still allow you to 'double lock' the door if required

How easy is it to fit to a uPVC door?
This will depend upon experience but typically, it will take about an hour

Can it be used for timber doors?
Yes, it can be used for any door that has a dead lock fitted

Tech Tips

If your uPVC door is the type that when unlocked, you can gain entry by turning the external door handle (No key required) then you will need to have the door lock modified in order to disable this function yet allow you to still double lock the door from the outside. Much like your house front door if it is of uPVC or Composite design, when unlocked, you cannot gain entry unless you use the key

To have your door lock modified will require a uPVC door specialist. If this is the case, most installers will suggest fitting a magnetic lock instead Magnetic Lock

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